Sunday, August 18, 2013

2013, The Year of Sleaze :: The Show So Far

After the huge rush of quality films last year, this has been a comparatively sloggish one to put it mildly. Of the following, here is a quick recap of every (U.S. release official) 2013 film I've seen so far as of 18th August.

Side Effects
The Informant!'s serious, sexy alternate. The cinemas will miss you Soderbergh.

To the Wonder

I've never seen any of them Giallo films but from what I've read, this was a damn fine cup of blood.

Oz the Great & Powerful
Yeah I think it's brilliant, ya got a problem wid dat? (does futterwacken)

Spring Breakers
This movie is so good it makes you like Skrillix and Britney Spears music.

I'm a sucker for this kind of music score and soundtrack set on top of these kinds of stories, which Danny Boyle has always been great at.

We may have reached the point where it's getting harder to create a genuinely original sci-fi film without guessing what tropes will fall into play, but at least you can have the chance to do it well which I feel this did.

Pain & Gain
Never in my life would I consider calling a Michael Bay film not just one of the year's best but one of my all time favourites.

The Great Gatsby
Good. Certainly more tolerable than Australia, I can surely say.

Only God Forgives
To those who hate it, I can't argue with your points.

After Earth
Well... I spose after you make The Last Airbender, all you can go is up...

World War Z
I'm very nonchalant with this one. Yep, it exists. Moving on...

Pacific Rim
A giant robot hits a sea monster with a battleship. All arguments past, present and future are invalid.

Wrap-around was uninteresting, Clinical Trials had a potential story but not much payoff, Ride in the Park was hilarious and surprisingly moving, Safe Haven was FUCKMETHATWASSCARYDIDYOUGUYSSEETHAT!!!! and Slumber Party Alien Abduction was nihilistic as fuck.

The Conjuring
Now who says you can't make effectively chilling horror movies anymore?

The World's End
Woopsie daisy!

Classic De Palma, welcome back and all that.

Prince Avalanche
This is not a retreat, it's a step forward.

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