Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tangental Conversation: And Coming in at No. 6 is...

Anyone who pays close attention to this site will notice that one of my 'Ingredients' is Lists. So far, the only time I've used it is for my Video Collection (which by the way has been updated again) and my own MIXTAPES which categorizes a number of songs which, for me, fits in the appropriate topic I feel it represents. However, what I will not do is to make a top numbered list.

It seems like a ritual that every year or, god forbid, a decade goes by, people on the internet will make a top 10 list of favourite movies / games / etc. of the previous 1 - 10 years. This is often followed up by the worst movies of the year / decade. This is a scenario that I see no point in doing.

To me, making a top whatever list is pointless because lists change all the time and at the time we make them, it only corresponds with how we're feeling at that moment. One day we might say that X is better than Y. Then when we watch Y we might say 'Actually, this is a little bit better than X'. This is another thing that bugs me about this.

I don't believe that ANY film / book / game should be compared to another because each work should stand on it's own merits, whether it's a remake, adaptation or sequel (more on that at another time) and I really don't see how or why I must choose a numbered slot to put said work in if it'll only change in time.

Hell, I can't even make a top # personal favourite list. When I see a film, I see it for what it is, and then when a watch something else I don't try and compare how it's similar or different to the previous one. Unless I start watching all of a selected director's films by which I then start noticing any trademarks.

Now I will one day make some reviews of films that I consider to be great or start making notes on a directors oeuvre. But when it comes to figuring out whether Dark City should go in #3 or #7, forget it.

P.S. Hypocritically, if pressed, #1 would go to Magnolia.

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